Virginia’s Very Own                2013

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We are on our way into another year!!  Seems to me that Christmas was just yesterday.  At present Boyce and I are in Florida enjoying the wonderful weather.  We will be home in another two weeks and then I must decide what I will be doing with this 33rd year of making the Turner Dolls.  I do know that if I do any new dolls it will be just a few.

I have always loved porcelain and I do intend to make some for my own enjoyment and will also make some available to those of you who love low edition high quality porcelain dolls.  I have saved human hair wigs and still have the glass eyes we used back when we did the porcelain dolls.  With my wonderful inventory of lovely fabrics I think I can make some lovely dolls.

We are offering our lovely tea room/kitchen for showers, etc.  The retail shop is open at different times but if you give me a call before coming out to see us it might save you from being disappointed when you find NO ONE THERE!!!  

Always feel free to call at anytime.  Thank you all for making my career in doing what I love the most - making dolls!!!